Yesterday Australia celebrated voting YES for Equal Marriage rights, which is a beautiful thing.

But today I would like to talk about Equal Opportunities For Integration And Job Search For Women. Having worked with expats for more than 10 years, with the last 4 years spent helping Immigrants in Australia and New Zealand, my team and I spoke to over 2000 people.

Naturally, like every business, we have our statistics and analysis, and here’s what we found out:

  • Overall the $ value of services men buy from us is 58% higher comparing to what our female clients can afford.
  • Female clients decide not to buy our services due to the financial hardships, though they badly need help, 4 times more often than our male clients.
  • Only 20% of family couples planning a relocation to Australia and New Zealand buy services for both, husband and wife.

Do you see what I am talking about? Right. Whether willingly or because of circumstances, women postpone their careers when moving to a new country.

So, that’s what happens

  • You are a man, the primary applicant for the visa, and you have arrived in Australia with your family. You are the breadwinner.
  • By default, your wife stays home with kids, why not, right?
  • You get professional help with job search, your CV and LinkedIn are tailored, you attend networking events, meet new people and go to interviews, eventually landing a job.
  • What does your wife do?
  • In a foreign country, possibly not able to communicate in English freely, she is stuck in the house with kids. Her main job is to take care of the household, making everyone’s life comfortable.
  •  Now you are busy, as you need to prove yourself at your new workplace, you work hard and come home tired.
  • What does your wife do?
  • Kinder, Küche, Kirche. Occasional playdates or meeting people from the same country (which is NOT a great way to integrate professionally) and only if you have a second car and she can drive, or you live in walking proximity to public transport. Can she go to a professional networking event in the evening? I bet not. She is whether too tired or badly needed at home. Does she have time to straighten her CV and call agencies? It’s really hard when kids are jumping around.
  • What happens to a woman?
  • Self-confidence – 0, depression – 1

Best case scenario – the woman gets a local education.

Worst case scenario – a woman gets a low paid, no-qualification-required job, which means extra money BUT isn’t it a bit demeaning for someone with a degree? It’s freaking depressing.

As a result, a woman does not have time, knowledge, skills and money to get back on the career track. Besides, you have already calculated that the childcare fees and the commute would probably gobble her potential salary.

So, to the hardworking male breadwinners, please, PLEASE, you are about to sink the boat you are in yourself because if your wife is depressed the whole family suffers.

Do invest in your spouses. Don’t buy that new smart TV, but allocate money for language courses and job search preparation. Give her resources and let your wife pull herself together and shine. And, no I don’t mean going for a treat to a beauty salon. New nails rarely considered being the right tool for professional integration.

Send your kids to kindergarten, as they need to integrate too. I know it is expensive, but again you need to give your spouse an opportunity to get her life back on track, not to be a sad, depressed but convenient supplement in your household.

How can we help? We offer 20% discount for our services (CV, LinkedIn, Selection Criteria, Cover Letter writing, Interview preparation) to families.

We truly understand and enjoy helping families progress to a better place with their careers.

What can you do? Have an honest conversation with your spouse. Try to see through her fears, her willingness to sacrifice, her uncertainty and diminishing self-confidence. Ask questions and dig deeper. Think if you can allocate (initially) 1 day a week child-free and $50 for her whether to call recruiters, get CV assessment or go to an event.

What else can I say? I’m not implying it is easy for men. I know how hard it is for immigrants and what kind of challenges they face in new countries. I moved countries 6 times. I realise that the pressure men have to deal with in these situations is immense, as the whole family is basically hanging off your neck.

But what I am talking about it important. Please think it over. We, at CV Wizard Of Oz, are always happy to offer discounts or payments in instalments.

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