Interview Coaching

Why do you need Interview Coaching?


  • Haven’t attended interviews for quite a while?
  • Not sure how to answer ‘HR questions’?
  • Don’t feel comfortable talking about your achievements?
  • Is English not your first language?
  • Do you stress a lot at interviews?
  • Dread telephone/Skype interviews?
  • Some interview questions make you stumble?
  • Have no one to practice with?
If you answered ‘yes’ to at least 3 of the questions above … we need to talk!
interview coaching training

Interview Coaching $299 (120 minutes)

This extensive Interview Coaching session is delivered by our highly qualified consultants who have tons of experience in recruitment agencies, HR and global companies.

First Interview coaching session (60 minutes)

  • We discuss the interview structure, the types of questions including credential and experience verification questions, opinion and behavioural questions, competency and case questions.
  • We explain STAR and CAR interview methods, behaviour patterns, interviewers’ business roles and business etiquette. We also provide a comprehensive eBook.

Second Interview coaching session (60 minutes)

  • During the second interview coaching session we go through all the questions you might be asked and go through every possible interview scenario. 
  • We polish your answers, ensuring you know your resume inside out, can categorize every question asked and provide an appropriate answer.


We know how the hiring managers make their decisions because we have helped them to employ hundreds of candidates.

Let us help you outshine your competition! 

Book the 120-minute intensive interview session and get 120-minute Training  + eBook + Interview Questions +  Massive Interview Confidence Boost!

PRICE: $299

NOTE: Discounts apply when purchased as part of a Package or with other services. Contact us for a personalised quote.

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