– I DON’T KNOW HOW TO ‘SELL MYSELF’ TO THE LOCAL EMPLOYERS – that’s something I hear quite a lot from skilled immigrants.

– I am embarrassed and feel uncomfortable around people because of my accent, I am afraid to speak as I probably make many mistakes. People tend to ask me to repeat what I say and I can see in their faces that they are really struggling to understand me…

★ Okay, I got your point, but I have some good news for you. EVERYBODY has an accent. Particularly in Australia, which is quite diverse, people are much more tolerant of cultural differences, as long as what you say is comprehensible. Don’t be afraid to speak, that’s the only way forward, and don’t get too concerned about people reactions. They do not judge you, but genuinely are trying to understand.

– How am I supposed to talk about yourself? 

★ Well, I am sure you have done a lot in your life to be proud of. You have come from a country with its’ own unique and rich culture, you are a professional; you have passions, hobbies, aspirations and beliefs. Tell people about all that, I am sure you have a lot to share, and people most probably will find it fascinating. People love stories, so tell them yours.

– How to practice your language skills?

★ Australians are very chatty. Start with a small talk with a cashier at the supermarket, mums at the playground, strangers on the bus – just say hello first and make a small comment about the weather, or city events or transport – anything you could think of in a particular situation. Also, don’t be a stranger with your new neighbours, go over and say hi.

★If talking on the phone scares you, call strangers! Go to gumtree and start calling people to talk about the stuff they sell. That will definitely help you to overcome the phone fright and you might end up even buying something nice 

– How it all relates to the job search? – you ask.

★In fact, there is a direct correlation. The more you talk to local people, the more you talk about yourself – more confident you become. After all, you have told your story many times to different people, they listened, and they were interested! You are on the right track!

★Made a proper CV. If you don’t know how to – ask me. I know.

★Make a top-notch LinkedIn profile. If you don’t know how to – ask me. I know.

★Make business cards. If you don’t know how, don’t ask me I don’t know either, but VistaPrint guys do pretty decent cards. Include: Name Surname, Profession, Industry, Mobile:xxxx ; Email: xxxx; LinkedIn: xxx

★Rehearse your story and… Got to Meetups. http://www.meetup.com/

At Meetups, you will meet heaps of people and the first thing you will need to do is to LISTEN to them and then SHARE your story.

After you repeat your story (including who you are professionally and what you are good at) like 30 times, you will be absolutely READY to repeat it to a recruiter or a hiring manager whether over the phone or face to face. Meetups will help you to get ready to more specific and important networking events, as well as help you to develop a pretty important skill – professional communication with strangers. That is why people go there!

– So, what does it all have to do with sales? 

★The main point of successful self-presentation is that you need to be confident and feel at peace with yourself. People naturally feel more comfortable around those who are relaxed, and this level of confidence can be reached with communication practice.

– What to say? How to make a great life story? How to become a great conversationalist though you might have limited language skills?

★ Book a one on one training session with me and I’ll get you ready.

– What else to do or NOT to do? 

★ Don’t get stuck within your language/country community. Do take interest in what’s going on around the city, read papers and listen to the news. Stay abreast!

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