For the last few weeks, almost every conversation I am having with a jobseeker starts with ‘ah well… the dead season is upon us, nobody’s hiring, no reason to look for work now, yadda, yadda, yadda’.

Job search is a difficult process, and no one really enjoys it, and of course, there is a temptation to put these worries aside to enjoy the holiday season properly, but … Let’s get real!

There’s almost 1200 opening for (just!) recruiters in Australia – and it’s only Seek. If nobody’s hiring then, what the hell all these people are going to be doing?

Let me assure you, these 12 hundred people will be quite busy, and I will give you 8 reasons why:

  1. There is still money, honey! So, as we know, hiring budgets for Q4 were approved ages ago, and I am sure, it was not easy. Do you think heads of departments will let the budget leftovers to waste (which most probably will mean there will be cuts next year) just because they are in a festive mood? No way Jose. There’s money burning in pockets – ready to be spent on hiring YOU!
  2. Get a job while others are unavailable! Heaps of people are travelling overseas or just go on holidays to relax a bit. Which makes recruiters’ lives so not easy. It’s a great time for you to beat the competition and get a job before all them lazy vacationers come back!
  3. Things keep moving! Do you see trains stop, shops close, everything dies and fades? Not at all. Businesses are not stopping just because of Christmas.
  4. Christmas networking as a job seeker. Almost all networking groups are launching their Christmas parties, and what a perfect opportunity to meet some decision-makers who most probably will be in a bit of a jolly mood!
  5. They will make it fast. With a bit of a lighter mood in offices, there is less workload, which means that hiring managers have time to do interviews and most probably they will make decisions fast enough (remember budgets?)
  6. Bonus and bye-bye. There are people in this world who tolerate their jobs purely cos of money. And what happened in December? Right, they get their annual bonuses and quit. Here is your chance.
  7. Networking note. Christmas is a great time to reconnect with your old friends, colleagues and business associates. What are you waiting for, go grab some coffee!
  8. Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program © But seriously, there are a lot of temp opportunities around the festive season, that can just as well turn into something permanent.

All in all – you better watch out and better not pout – start your job search NOW! 🙂

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