Beginning of a new year is an excellent reason to look back, think what’s been done within the last 365 days and plan stuff for the next ones.

However, regardless of what great plans we have for the next year, our mental health is the most crucial aspect of our future success.

Our jobs impact our mental health enormously.

We strive for recognition, we need accomplishments, we are looking for workmates we can associate ourselves with and role figures to look up to. We often (regrettably) identify ourselves and assess our self-worth depending on the work situation. We spend an awful lot of time at work, but let’s be honest, quite often it’s not exactly fun.

So, let me ask you. How do you feel?

If you…

  1. Procrastinate like there is NO today (only tomorrow).
  2. Find it hard to focus, you forget simple things all the time, feels like your brain is working in a ‘shut down soon’ mode.
  3. Feel sick all the time. If it’s not your head, then it’s your back, neck, stomach – you name it.
  4. Your thoughts at work are like – who are all these people, what’s the hell am I doing here, I want to retire NOW!
  5. Wake up every Sunday with this sinking feeling in your stomach and your mood is degrading more and more as the start of a new week is approaching.
  6. Whether you eat too much or too little or drink too much.
  7. Complain about your job to friends and relatives all the time or avoid talking about your job at all.
  8. Can’t recall last time you had a good night sleep.
  9. On your way to work, you want to turn back, go home, get into bed, turn off the phone, put a blanket over your head and stay there forever.
  10. Literally, count minutes to the end of the working day.
  11. Have zero energy for any other activities – sports out of the question.
  12. Start doubting your competencies. Every little decision-making situation throws you into doubts and hesitation.
  13. Don’t have the energy for quality communication with your family and friends. A prospect of socialising and meeting new people comes with a big red ‘better shoot me now’ sign in your mind.
  14. Started seriously calculating your chances of winning a lottery.

… then you might want to start considering ways of dissecting the exact reasons things went south. The next step would be planning on how to get yourself out of this situation.

And we will talk about it – a lot! Stay tuned!

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